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All Buy Market, a passion for craft

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As you must already know from our last article, All Buy Market was created to celebrate the fine art of craft.

All Buy Market, the B2B marketplace, was born through travels and countless encounters with creative people that share our principals and values.


It was obvious to us that we needed to create a bridge between these gifted craftspersons and markets all over the world. The bridge consisted in a platform allowing artisans to sell their products online. Especially those who don’t have the time, the technology or the funds to do it by themselves.

This being done, we can give them the opportunity to reach more customers. In the other hand, we allow people from all around the globe to access high quality, handcrafted products.

Skills and expertise:

All of the craftspersons inventoried in our website are thoroughly checked before validation. They, all, are very creative and skilled artisans who perpetuate an ancestral expertise. Hence, you can see the fastidiousness through the details in their artwork.

The respect of nature:

Expertise is vital but it has never been enough. We made a point of working only with craftspersons who respect nature and its cycles. This came for our deep sensibility but also from the fact that we can make the best of an organic materiel when we treat it with regard and respect.

For instance, the craftspersons in tropical countries, would leave the wood dry, naturally, for three whole weeks. This way, the wood will become stronger and more resistant. And it won’t crackles even under a change of climate. By following nature’s way, we give the raw materiel time to reach its optimum state for a high quality end product.

Eco-friendly products:

Since all products are made from natural raw materiel, we took a first step towards eco-friendliness. Where most of the industrials manufacturers would have been satisfied, we wanted to go much further.

So, we searched for craftspersons who share our will to give back to nature.

Considering this, there is a craftsman, who figures among our partners, who works wood and replants every tree he cuts down. This way, there is no deforestation risk and the eco-system is safe and sound. This is what we seek in our artisans.


At All Buy Market, we believe that transparency should be in the heart of the buying process. From your first clic to the shipment, you can track your order in realtime and make sure the announced deadline will be met.

Furthermore, all of our craftspersons can guarantee the traceability of the raw material they work with and the eco sensitivity of the creation process.


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