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All Buy Market, the meeting point of craft of the world.

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All Buy market is a B2B platform allowing you to deal straight with craftspersons all over the world.

Thanks to our scouts and our travels, we can display a great number of products from various countries.

That is why we are proud to present more than 7000 products, that we displayed in 5 categories as following :

  1. House
  2. Garden
  3. Accessories
  4. Jewelry
  5. Games, Toys and musical instruments.


We, also, value craftsmanship, eco-friendly products and fair trade. This is why all the products on the website are subject to a meticulous checking process and all orders are processed by the craftsperson.

In addition to that, all of our craftspersons share our respect for the environnement and carry on the traditional craft technics that evolve, in concert, with natures cycles.

Moreover, our craftspersons have a wide range of expertise and use various natural ressources to create their high quality products . All of the raw materials are, of course, eco-friendly and sustainable.

With All Buy Market, you are sure to get what you order. All the products are shot and the pictures are uploaded to the website. We assure the transaction’s transparency and you have the control of every part of them. In fact, our partners will set a shipping and a delivery date that you will be able track, in real time.

The products are unique and we are sure that you would love them. We work on diversifying our offer and enrolling more and more craftspersons from all around the world.

This way, you will be glad to regularly discover new products in every category of our website and expand you offer.


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